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We would also like to convey our thanks and appreciation for your expert guidance in reaching a resolution. This is a great burden off our shoulders and one that will allow us to continue focussing on the future welfare of our company.

Bharat Panchal

Director, Mercia Facilities Management Ltd

Phil mediated in a case of mine in which my client was in dispute with his former partners in relation to his outgoing entitlement. Employing a calm, measured and realistic approach – which spread to the parties – Phil managed to bridge what appeared to be a wide divide and helped the parties to a settlement. I think that he also helped the parties restore their previous relationship, at least to some extent.

Charles Maher

Solicitor, Chenery Maher Solicitors

An outstanding mediator dealing with an intractable problem. Patient, relaxed but determined to ensure a level playing field between the warring neighbours. First class. You may struggle to find a better mediator in a really difficult case.

Julian Shaw

Barrister, St John's Buildings Chambers

This was a difficult mediation with no co-operation from the other side. The mediator was fundamental in turning this round enabling us to reach settlement by the end of the day.

Fiona Henderson

R J Kiln & Co Ltd

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What value do Mediators add?

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Talking to the other side – Ouija board not required

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